Growth Mindset in the Workplace

Growth mindset is a term that Dr. Carol Dweck and her colleagues coined during their studies of students to see how they reacted to failure. It was found that students reacted to failure with either a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. What this means is that students with a growth mindset believed that they could learn from the failure and do better the next time through hard work and effort, while the students with a fixed mindset had a more extreme reaction to their failures and actually performed worse - believing that they would never get better or grow because they just didn't have the innate talent. Through their research, and many researchers after them, we have learned that the brain can be trained to have this growth mindset and even those who are fixed mindset learners can adjust through training and use the tools of a growth mindset learner.

What place does this have in the workplace? Well, it is proven that those with a growth mindset are better performers academically, and whether it's realized or not, adult employees are simply adult learners in a different environment. Now, their skills and academics are used to better their performance at work which in turn betters your business and creates happier guests. Would it be better to have someone who believes they will never be better than they are at this moment? Or would it be better to have someone who believes that through hard work and perseverance they can improve any skill or task they're given? The answer is clear.

Creating a growth mindset in the workplace isn't as simple as giving constant praise or

appreciation, it takes each employee being willing to do serious self work and train their brains to think and function positively. It is absolutely hard work, but it is also beneficial in several ways. If you are willing to start training new employees with a growth mindset, and also incorporate the training into continuing education within your company, you will see positive results and happier, more productive employees. One way to start? Try a quick exercise on growth mindset. The below worksheet is a free resource through All Heart Consulting, feel free to print it out and try it yourself, and have your employees try it too! You'd be surprised how easily the brain can start to change the way it reacts to failure when you set yourself and your employees down the path of a growth mindset.

To utilize this worksheet read each negative thought in the left column and in the right column write a positive thought that counteracts the negative. For example: Instead of "I'm a terrible learner," I will think "I will learn this eventually." There is really no wrong or right way to answer these, so long as the answer in the right column is positive and indicative of a growth mindset (meaning the capability to get better and grow is present in the answer).

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