The heart of a business

At All Heart Consulting we believe the key to retaining and cultivating a great guest services environment is truly putting time and money into your employees that have the most contact with your guests and patrons. These employees are the heart of your business. Put simply, if you have poor customer facing employees, your business is going to suffer. Employees who are not passionate, or don't have the skills necessary to show that passion, paint a poor image for hospitality businesses and can be the deciding factor for guests coming back--or not. We all know at times employees are just plain not a good fit for a business, but other times all it takes is a third person perspective to find the root of any issues and help turn your employees in the right direction.

Employee retention is something I personally am very passionate about. I believe if you have good employees, putting time and money into their development is absolutely necessary to help them grow with your business. If you have employees who love your business as much as your guests do, they deserve that extra time and investment. On the flip side I also find that clients many times will hold onto employees solely based on their tenure, regardless of any performance issues. While long time employees are certainly a valued part of any business, tenure honestly means nothing to the guest on the other side of the desk.

We see long time employees very often hold tight to the way things "used to be." Because of this when hotels and call centers choose to bring in an employee development team such as our own, these employees are almost always very resistant to the change the third party is presenting. For that reason, I believe in integrating with your current business model. We take what works and blend it together with our suggested improvements to make a wonderfully easy to adapt to plan. The dreaded "J curve" can and will still be a part of any change but I believe we can ease this. We will also be honest with you and if we see any opportunity where rearranging someone's assignment or replacing them would be a bigger benefit to you we will let you know and assist you through the process.

Should you choose to work with us, we will dive into your culture and business to find what works and what doesn't and will help develop and coach your employees to be guest focused and truly "all heart." Contact us today to get more information! We offer a one hour complimentary consultation for first time clients. We can't wait to put the heart back into your business!

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