3 Keys for WholeHearted Guest Service™️

WholeHearted Guest Service™️ is a training program that All Heart Consulting has developed. The goal of this training program is to train hospitality employees on the keys to delivering world class guest service, no matter the situation. In today's article we'll cover 3 keys to delivering WholeHearted Guest Service™️.

No matter what job you hold in hospitality, at a resort or hotel, or a vacation rental company it is your responsibility to deliver excellent guest service. That means from the Maintenance & Landscaping departments, Housekeeping, Reservations, Front Desk, all the way up to the managers and owner. Not one of these jobs is more important than the next because they are each vital, but some of them have less involvement with guests directly day to day. That's why it's important as managers to have conversations about providing excellent guest service no matter the situation, and as employees to be aware of some vital components to excellent guest service.

There are some easy tips that we wholeheartedly support, which are by no means specific to All Heart Consulting, but industry standards. Find below what we feel are 3 of the most vital keys to success with WholeHearted Guest Service™️:

1. Acknowledge the Guest - Acknowledging the guest can take many forms. Primarily this will mean that if you are on property and you see a guest, you acknowledge them with a warm hello or welcome. Depending on the expectations of your property, you may even simply smile warmly and make direct eye contact. The key is to never fully ignore a guest. Remember that the key to hospitality is truly caring for the guest, and they wouldn't feel very welcomed to your property if they are ignored or rushed past. If you saw your best friend walking past you, would you ignore them? Or would you at minimum say hello? Keep this in mind as a quick and easy reminder. No matter how busy you are, or what you are doing, you should always acknowledge the guest.

2. Offer Assistance - Offering assistance is fairly obvious as to what the expectation may

be, such as holding a door open, but let's break it down further. Offering assistance could be noticing if a guest seems lost and offering help. It could also be seeing a guest carrying a lot of luggage, and offering to help them to their room or the front desk (depending on where they're heading). Offering assistance also means that if a guest complains to you, that you offer assistance in that very moment. Even if it's not something you can immediately handle or it's out of your department, be sincere with the guest and find them the help they need immediately so that they don't have to find someone else. Remember, no matter what department you are in, guest service is your responsibility.

3. Anticipate Guest Needs - 4 and 5 star properties and their employees are likely very familiar with this concept. Anticipating a guest's need means that you do something, or offer something, without the guest having to ask for it. Oftentimes, you do this before the guest even has a chance to realize they need something. This makes for seamless, high quality service for guests at any level of property or business, and anyone can do it. For instance if

you work in Reservations, you could preemptively ensure guest satisfaction by placing a request for an early check-in if they mentioned they're going to be there prior to the standard check-in time. If you work in Maintenance and you notice a light bulb is out on the outside of a suite, house, or room, change it before the guest has to ask. As a manager if you notice that a guest is showing signs of dissatisfaction at the front desk, in a restaurant, etc., offer a free amenity or write a thank you note to the guest so that they feel valued before they complain to you that they feel anything but that. Ensuring guest satisfaction means making their experiences seamless and reducing the amount of things they have to ask for or worry about.

These keys are simple, but they are a foundation to excellent guest service and easy to apply to your every day interactions with guests. Think of interactions that you've had recently with your guests and see if you can mentally adjust the situation with these keys in mind. Does it change the outcome? Does it change the guest experience? Most often, the answer will be yes. Guest satisfaction = more repeat business, which means more success for your property and in turn for yourself. Everyone can make an impact on a guest, make sure it's a good one!

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